May 2, 2016



Clipboard_SilhouetteAre you being as successful as you can be?

You're probably wondering what exactly we do - or, more specifically, what we can do for you. 

Have a look at the following four categories. If you can confidently answer "yes" to the questions within each category, then great news - you probably don't need our help. However, if you can't confidently answer "yes" (or don't know), then maybe there is a way we can help you grow your business online. 


Web Presence

I have an easy-to-navigate website with up to date 'fresh' content. People that find my website are able to reach out to my business easily and inquire about their needs. My website looks great on a mobile phone. Branding is consistent across my site with a great, memorable logo, and content that appears to be professionally written. It is easy for customers to find my website online, regardless of whether they are searching for it, on social media, or otherwise. I have a communication plan in place to keep in contact with my customers.





I check on my website stats monthly (or more) and know exactly how many people are finding my website, where they are coming from, what content they're engaging with, and where I'm losing them. I look at these type of analytics so that I am able to make educated decisions about which areas of my business need attention, and which areas are running smoothly. I use these stats to track the effectiveness of other marketing campaigns in order to learn whether they are successful or not.




I am aware of what people are saying about my business online. I have a platform upon which customers can leave feedback that others will read. I monitor incoming customer reviews and respond to negative reviews to resolve the situation. I also respond to positive reviews. I'm aware that over 70% of potential customers form an opinion about where to do business after checking reviews.




I am aware of who I am competing against in my local market online. I consistently show up higher than other competing businesses when someone searches for me on Google. I also appear in search results for searches that may not include my business name, but are related to my type of business. I have explored all opportunities to outpace my competition online.


So how did you fare?

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